About Us

Welcome to Mad Hatters Pottery


Suppliers of ceramichobby, pottery and Paint to Retailers & Public.


We are a fast growing business and we import a fantastic range of products from Chrysanthos Colour Company. 

Ceramic colours include underglaze, glaze, crystals, high fire and low fire to name a few.

Pottery supplies from stains, oxide to glaze frit, right down to banding wheels and other pottery accessories.

We also have a large range of high fire and low fire bisque.

We pride ourselves in our high quality bisqueware slip cast right here on our premises.

Ceramic and pottery enthusiasts are always welcome to pop in to see our large range of top quality products.

Quality, service and price do matter to us and we pride ourselves on this!

If we haven’t got a product you are looking for please contact us to see when we will be getting it!